Tenaga Pengajar Muda (TPM)

I just receive good news from my mother about TPM, just receive the offer letter from the UiTM which I being offered to pursue my studies in Master then became lecture at UiTM.

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  1. How can i apply for TPM??
    i try searching in UiTM web…but there were no results bout tat…
    pliss help me…i really want to continue my study and be a lecturer..

    1. Usually there will be advertisement on the newspaper on TPM, offed base the requirement of the faculty. And you need a at least bachelor degree or first degree to apply.

  2. assalamualaikum……

    sy nk tanya pasal TPM…..sy dh interview on mock teaching pd bln Ogos ari tue, tp sampai skrg blum kluar result lg…..you dlu brape lame result tu kluar slps you diinterview?…pastu dier call/hntar surat inform yg kita dapat….

  3. salam.
    if we submit the application form, how long it will take to be call for an interview?currently uitm is more prefer student to pursue study overseas or locally?

    1. depends, like me, i submit the application on January 2009 and called for interview on March 2009. If i not mistaken last TPM intake majority study in local university and about 20 pursued in oversea university. You may contact the person in charge of TPM:

      Assistant Registrar :
      Muhd Nazri Michael Nasarula (03-55443106) muhd_nazri@salam.uitm.edu.my

      Executive Officer
      Nurul Akma Hairoman (03-55443236) nurulakma@salam.uitm.edu.my

  4. i just received a call from UiTM last week that I’ve been shortlisted for the interview this Tuesday (Dec 8). I really want it. Could u plz tell me what were the questions u’ve been asked?so that I can be prepared.Tq..

    1. For the mock teaching, you must visualize as you are teaching the student, and the question you mean, included why you want to teach and the normal question and if OK to place you in UiTM Sarawak (for example) etc. Your experience and you may have advantages if the panel know you because usually the panel is the lectures and they knew you better. Good Luck for your interview.

  5. TPM 2011 sudah dibuka ke?takut terlepas..
    hem,nak tanye untuk kwn sy..she's undergraduate from uni azhar..want to further her master here in malaysia.she's a malaysian of course…jurusan usuluddin..how she can go through ye?kat mana booleh tanya and daptakan borang tpm untuk dia?

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