Tenaga Pengajar Muda (TPM) Agreement

Today quite a busy day for me, in the morning have class with Dato RAY then in the evening rushing to complete my TPM form. After Dato RAY class, when to library to help my friend in filling the form and get signature from the officer and same time send my copy of my offer to the faculty office. Thanks to En. Rahman always be there when needed to get to sign the certificate copy. Around 3 pm, I rush to the post office in Shah Alam to buy “Setem Hasil” for agreement. Then rush to Plaza Perangsang to LHDN to get my agreement approve. Luckily still have time to send my agreement to UiTM Human Resource Department. Then wait for the financial form printed by the staff, while waiting for my friend, Asyraf rushing from UiTM Puncak Perdana and Hospital to send the form. I help him with the stamping and so he can send the form and agreement today. All process completed and wait for the memo, maybe in 3 weeks. After that I hope I can get  my allowances from UiTM and the Government of Malaysia

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  1. assalamualikum……………..congrats because get TPM….I also get my TPM offer letter last week……a lot of document to fill……………… I just want to know whether all of the document shouild submit between 2 week after the letter date….It because I dont take the TOEFL/IELTS certificate yet…… one more,the SLAB/SLAI document must be fiiled or not because I’m full time MBA student (1ST sem) at UITM………..last question,how much the net amount of TPM allowance get every month,if you can share…….sorry to disturb you with lot of questions………..TQ so much with all of you info about TPM………………

  2. If you talk about the accept offer letter of tpm, you need to send it back to uitm as soon as possible, about the slab/slai form, before you sned you must have ielts or TOEFL because that the requirement to fullfill, you will get around rm2400 per month if study in local university, and other allowances ..

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