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This week will be my last final test and starting next week I will focus on my term paper and project that need to be submitted for evaluation. After that my friend and I have which TPM scholar been assigned to monitor the final examination for the undergrad for my faculty, Faculty of Information Management.  Then I can do my things which have been planned for my future.

Notice From Mercumaya – Gumblar Attacks

Safeguarding your website from Gumblar Attacks

Over the past few weeks, several websites hosted on our Linux Servers threw up virus alerts. Further investigation revealed that these alerts were triggered by an injection attack on packages hosted on our servers, commonly known as Gumblar Attacks. FTP logs of these infected packages indicated that machines of the customers who own those domains were compromised and had been used to upload malicious content to their respective Hosting Packages. A few pointers for your benefit:

What is a Gumblar Attack?

Gumblar appears to be a combination of exploit scripts and malware. The scripts are embedded in .html, .js and .php files using obfuscated Javascript. They load malware content from Third Party sites without the user’s knowledge, while also stealing FTP credentials from the victim’s computer, which then allows it to spread and infect additional sites. Therefore, when someone visits such an infected site they get infected; if they have FTP credentials for a website on their machine then those sites get infected too. This explains the exponential growth of the exploit in such a short space of time.

Gumblar is a computer virus that first appeared in 2009. It has been identified as one of the most malicious viruses in existence.[citation needed] It is characterized by re-directing user’s Google searches and is suspecting to come from Adobe Flash and PDF files. (Wikipedia)

What makes it different from other Malware exploits?
There are a number of aspects to this exploit that not just help it spread, but also make it difficult to remove. Firstly, it infects users browsing legitimate websites; if these users are webmasters then it infects their websites by using their FTP credentials to inject the script into their site. The obfuscated malicious code being dynamically generated, makes it difficult to detect and difficult to automatically remove. Not only does the script vary from site to site, it can also vary from page to page on that the one site.

CNET published an article for more detailed, check out the following news article.

What steps you should be taken?

  • It is a good practise to reset ypur FTP password change them often.

  • Regards,

    MERCUMAYA.NET A Division Of NETLYNX Solutions.


    What is Sabily ?
    Sabily is an operating system, like MS Windows or Mac OS X. Without an operating system, a computer is unusable, and Windows is not the only OS available! (though you often don’t have the choice, that’s why we are working hard to fix the bug number one)

    I already have Windows, why would I use Sabily ?
    Because Sabily is free, already includes all software you need in your everyday tasks, and is customized specifically for Muslims. And even if you didn’t buy Windows, you should not use pirated copies because then you are still supporting Microsoft by adding to the impression it’s the only OS available.

    It should be a tremendous work to develop an operating system?
    Actually we don’t start from scratch, we use the Ubuntu operating system as a groundwork. Ubuntu is a GNU/Linux distribution whose goal is to provide an easy-to-use, up-to-date, stable and free system, also for companies. Sabily customizes Ubuntu by removing, modifying and adding software, and also customizes the graphic design to make a system adapted to Muslims.

    Is there a company like Microsoft which develops Sabily?
    No there isn’t, just a communauty of voluntaries coming from all over the world (France, Tunisia, Egypt, Indonesia etc.). You can as well participate, as a developer, a graphic designer, a tester or if you just want to share your ideas.

    What are the main features of Sabily?
    The main software are: Zekr and Mus-haf Othman (Quran study tools), Minbar and Firefox-praytimes (prayer times applications), Monajat (application that popups prayers every predetermined time), Hijra (islamic calendar) and WebStrict (parental control tool). Arabic language is also well supported. And of course the graphic design is also customized (see screenshots).

    What other software are included in Sabily?
    OpenOffice (word processor, spreasheet, presentation), Firefox (web browser), Pidgin (instant messaging), F-spot (photos management), Gimp (image manipulation program) and other multimedia software (video/audio). All of this in included in the “small” version of Sabily, but the “full” version contains dozens of other software! (educational software, tools and entire Quran recitations, see the full list here)

    Sabily seems very interesting, what should I do to use it?
    You have to download the ISO file and to burn it on a DVD, then to start your computer from the DVD. You will have the choice to test or to install the system. In a first time we advise you to test it because it is safe for your computer, nothing will be written on your hard disk. You can even test Sabily directly from Windows, by using a Virtual Box image.


    Poem – In Love

    In Love

    by Emily Strickland

    The Day That We Met
    I Looked Into Your Eyes
    And Saw My Whole Life
    It Caught Me By Surprise

    You Helped Pick Me Up
    When I Was Feeling Down
    And With Just One Smile
    You Turned My Life Around

    We Were Only Friends
    But I Wanted Something More
    You Were Everything I Needed
    The Only One I Really Cared For

    I Had Never Knew Love
    But Suddenly There Came You
    Whenever You Looked In My Eyes
    It Was Then That I Knew

    I Had Finally Found The One
    Who Was Truely Meant For Me
    Deep Down Inside I Knew
    Together We Had To Be

    And Now That Your With Me
    I Never Wanna Say Goodbye
    You Send Away All My Pain
    And Dry My Tears When I Cry

    I Know This Love Is Real
    And I’m Never Letting Go
    You Mean So Much To Me
    And Its More Than You Know

    I’ve Never Been So In Love
    I’m So Happy We Are Together
    And You’ll Always Be The One
    I Share My World With Forever

    source :

    Tenaga Pengajar Muda UiTM

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