It’s Happen Again & Again


Looks at the picture, now you why I said it's happen again and again to me. The burger look very messy and this happen during peak hour and even not the peak hour. If it happen during peak hour I could understand but happen during off peak hour. Almost every branch I went, the same problem occur to me, nothing could be done but if someone from the management of Mc Donald's read my post, please do something about it. When I order Mega Mac, the same happen and even worse than this. When I order Big Mac the first thing I done is fixing the burger, arrange back the patty and the vegetables.


p/s the picture taken Mc Donald's near Digital Mall PJ.

City Car – New Concept


I just watch a documentary about green environment initiative by a group of people. They have design a car that very practical to be use in the city and at the same time save the environment. The car move on batteries and each of the tyres have their own motor to move around. The concept car can make O turn very easily and suitable for people have parking problem and most important the car can be compress to save the parking space. Hope the concept car will around in Malaysia because of the smart idea on pertaining the environment.


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An Idea For Wedding Invitation Card ©

Next month will be school holiday in Malaysia so will be lots of weddings will be held. This is the season where people getting married because of the holiday and they can invite their friend and families to their wedding. But for people who have problem with finding places, their alternative is using the GPS as their life savior. And yet sometime they didn’t get the exactly location, and suddenly some ideas cross to my mind, why just putting the GPS location (latitude & longitude) or coordinate in the invitation cards (GPS Invitation Cards © ) . This will help the guest finding the house easily and also reducing the time of finding and the same time saving the petrol.

p/s I want to congratulation my friend, Majidah Salman who got married last week, sorry I can’t attend your wedding. Hope you have a happy life with your new family.

note: This idea is belong to my, and have copyright it