My Mother (Mak)

It have been almost two month my mother have passed away, something very sudden  because a week before that I just talk to her on the phone. She very excited about the family gathering that been organized by my cousin in Perak. She told the games she had played and activities with the Ismail Kader Bacha and visit to the estate. That's my routine once a week, i will called mak or she will called me and usually I want to called mak, she will called me before I want to called her..Supposedly on that a day before that, I want to called her informing that I already arrive in KL but because I was too tired so I plan to called her on tomorrow morning (Sunday). Sunday morning, I received miss called from my sister because I left my phone on the bed and went for breakfast. Quite shock I call back my sister, and she told me mak already left us. Here the picture of her taken during the family day taken from Facebook Group Ismail Kader Bacha.


This where the location she showing the grave she suppose buried. That what my cousin told me.


Al Fatihah.

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