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Learning to Drive

I just got my learning permit to drive car, yet yesterday was my 1st day and my 1st time handling a car. Cikgu Din (Shahabuddin) picked up me at my place at 8.30 am and went to Metro Driving Academy in Kg Melayu Subang. But before that he has to pickup one student in Seksyen 9, arrive in the driving academy around 9 am, he drop down the student and drove to the learning circuit.  Then he asked me to change seat and asked me to drive. He gave some pointer and tips and then I manage to drive even with a lot of bumps but no accident involves also any scratch to the car. After few round in the circuit, he told me to the main road, I can’t believe that, drive in the real road!!! What a crazy ideas, still in shock I try to drive to the main road.  Still trembling and drive slowly and at last I manage to complete the main road drive routes with the help of Cikgu Din. Quite ok and happy becaue that my 1st time drive the car and thanks a lot to Cikgu Din.He is very funny guys and his teaching method is quite companionable. During the lesson, he knows how to make sure his student aware and focus plus he can make sure the student not so nervous.

Today is my second lesson with him, and I can recommend him to other. Why? Because he experienced and very dedicated trainer and the best thing is a funny guy. Nobody will have pressure when with him and his colleague Cikgu Najib (Nazzem) also just likes him. Anyone who likes to apply for license you may contact En Azam at 0192233447 whom in Shah Alam, his office at Seksyen 20.

p/s: I didn’t told he yet about my lesson to drive because I want to surprise her on her birthday next month, hopefully I manage to pass my learning test.

My Study

This week will be my last final test and starting next week I will focus on my term paper and project that need to be submitted for evaluation. After that my friend and I have which TPM scholar been assigned to monitor the final examination for the undergrad for my faculty, Faculty of Information Management.  Then I can do my things which have been planned for my future.

Notice From Mercumaya – Gumblar Attacks

Safeguarding your website from Gumblar Attacks

Over the past few weeks, several websites hosted on our Linux Servers threw up virus alerts. Further investigation revealed that these alerts were triggered by an injection attack on packages hosted on our servers, commonly known as Gumblar Attacks. FTP logs of these infected packages indicated that machines of the customers who own those domains were compromised and had been used to upload malicious content to their respective Hosting Packages. A few pointers for your benefit:

What is a Gumblar Attack?

Gumblar appears to be a combination of exploit scripts and malware. The scripts are embedded in .html, .js and .php files using obfuscated Javascript. They load malware content from Third Party sites without the user’s knowledge, while also stealing FTP credentials from the victim’s computer, which then allows it to spread and infect additional sites. Therefore, when someone visits such an infected site they get infected; if they have FTP credentials for a website on their machine then those sites get infected too. This explains the exponential growth of the exploit in such a short space of time.

Gumblar is a computer virus that first appeared in 2009. It has been identified as one of the most malicious viruses in existence.[citation needed] It is characterized by re-directing user’s Google searches and is suspecting to come from Adobe Flash and PDF files. (Wikipedia)

What makes it different from other Malware exploits?
There are a number of aspects to this exploit that not just help it spread, but also make it difficult to remove. Firstly, it infects users browsing legitimate websites; if these users are webmasters then it infects their websites by using their FTP credentials to inject the script into their site. The obfuscated malicious code being dynamically generated, makes it difficult to detect and difficult to automatically remove. Not only does the script vary from site to site, it can also vary from page to page on that the one site.

CNET published an article for more detailed, check out the following news article.

What steps you should be taken?

  • It is a good practise to reset ypur FTP password change them often.

  • Regards,

    MERCUMAYA.NET A Division Of NETLYNX Solutions.

    Hacker Halted Asia Pacific 2009

    Hacker Halted Asia Pacific 2009 will held from 10-13 November 2009 Hotel Nikko , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. EC-Council is the organization that responsible for Hacker Halted conference and workshop. The event have been held around the world like Malaysia, Dubai, USA, China and other country. The Hacker Halted conference will cover issue in many security and how dealing the threats and the workshop will show the technical aspect in the workshop by the EC-Council trainers. Speakers will share their knowledge and experience in dealing the security issues in real world.

    Apart from that Hacker Halted also organize blog competition on the event and the lucky person will get holiday in Bali and destination in Malaysia.

    For more information about the event please visit the website :

    Hacker Halted Asia Pacific 2009 –

    Hacker Halted Blog Competition –

    Hacker Halted Asia Pacific 2009

    Night Out With My Friends

    Yesterday, I went out with my friends to watch movie, Final Destination. We went to One Utama to watch our movie at 11:30 PM and we arrive around 10.00 PM almost all the shop are closed and guess what we have to spend for 1 and half hour doing nothing. So to kill our time, my friend when for the Game Arcade playing some game. Finding the right game hard for me to choose at last I choose the game that piking the toys from the box and pickup it. Then we hang around at Old Times, then we went into the cinema. Final Destination were quite fine during the starting but the ending quite bore. The action and killing quite interesting and not as usual way of to die. But for me the story quite ok. I went back to my house in Seksyen 7 and arrived around 3.00 AM and what a day, spending my night with my friends, their the best.

    Tenaga Pengajar Muda (TPM) Agreement

    Today quite a busy day for me, in the morning have class with Dato RAY then in the evening rushing to complete my TPM form. After Dato RAY class, when to library to help my friend in filling the form and get signature from the officer and same time send my copy of my offer to the faculty office. Thanks to En. Rahman always be there when needed to get to sign the certificate copy. Around 3 pm, I rush to the post office in Shah Alam to buy “Setem Hasil” for agreement. Then rush to Plaza Perangsang to LHDN to get my agreement approve. Luckily still have time to send my agreement to UiTM Human Resource Department. Then wait for the financial form printed by the staff, while waiting for my friend, Asyraf rushing from UiTM Puncak Perdana and Hospital to send the form. I help him with the stamping and so he can send the form and agreement today. All process completed and wait for the memo, maybe in 3 weeks. After that I hope I can get  my allowances from UiTM and the Government of Malaysia

    Debating Competition in My Faculty

    Yesterday I got medical leave after have minor operation to remove my teeth. Suddenly got a call from Hajar asking me to be judge for the debating in my faculty which Faculty of Information Management. Its’ okay for me, because I got free time even thought have lots of works to do.  Before that, I was in Mines in Seri Kembangan watching District 9 with Ros as to celebrate her convocation today in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). After that rushing back to Puncak Perdana in raining by motorcycle, luckily the rains stop after a while. Arrive around 8.15 PM in my faculty and straight to the library for the briefing for the judge. For the 1st round, one of the team disqualification so the other team won. 2nd round is team from IS221(my program during my first degree)  vs IS220 . The mood of the match quite boring because no excitement but hey  what to expect for beginner like them. Among of the debater are my previous team member for English Team  in UiTM Machang. I have recognize some of them even have been long time. After 1 long hour, the result is 1s220 won with majority 3-0, what a shave to me, my previous first degree program lost. But I respect them because they brave enough to join even have no experience with Malaysia Parliament style debating.

    Fedora 11

    I just install Fedora 11 into my 5 years old machine. Its have been for a while because i usually install Ubuntu into my machine this couple years. Previously i usually install Fedora, n guess what i have been using Linux since Redhat 1 and that is my first introduction to Linux.

    Fedora website :

    Ubuntu Website :

    Redhat Website :