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New Semester – Nov March 2012

Today will be the first day of the new semester (Nov-March 2012), and this semester I was given two subject to handle which IMD 205 – Multimedia for Presentation and IMD 304 – Electronic Publishing. Both subject don't have final examination which are project based course so usually students won't have any problem to pass these paper. But last semester, there were few students fail the paper because of their attitude like love to miss the class, didn't submit their assignments and didn't comes for the test purposely.

I just finish my class for today, which only for two hour but for today I've to complete earlier because of the technical problem in the lab and also I know the students still in the holiday mood.



Life in Sarawak – After 9 Month

Ermm, it has been 9 months I working n living in Sarawak, a lot of thing that I've experience which were in variety. When I look into the situation in Sarawak especially in Kuching area there a lot of things need to be improving for instance the attitude. I have been watching the driver over here have problem using signal light and loves to parks their vehicle in many ways. There few times I have problem with driver who doesn't give signal light to turn whether left or right which they almost hit me and luckily I manage to avoid them. They suddenly turn, "sesuka hati mak bapak diorg ja" and one more thing how they park their car, also like "sesuka hati mak bapak diorg ja". I don't know their mind set but I think they too much "advance" in the attitude.

Food over here quite ok but there a lot of improvement can be made in term of service provided to the customer. Can you image, the waiter/waitress will ignore you until you call them and guess what no menu were given. So you have to ask for it and waited for couple of minutes. I have been observed few restaurants in Kuching and Kota Samarahan area almost all have similar situation. That about the service and when into the taste of the food, some quite decent but majority the taste is consumable for you if you don’t have any place to go. And the food price quite expensive when come into the quality and quantity of the food. This only my opinions base on my observation within 9 month in here. Maybe others people will have much better luck than me.

P/s maybe I will snap the picture as a proof. Should I?

The picture below were taken from Google image.


Kek lapis  waterfront kuching

Mosque Kuching    

Got Call from HTC Support

I just receive a call from from +88626639119, HTC consultant form Taiwan regarding my response to their feedback form. Regarding the HTC Sense application which it automatically download all my contact list without my consent/approval. So my phone book loaded with the emails and phone number. Few hard reset activity been done before but still the issues were raise also my compass showing the wrong way. The consultant already divert my issue to the technical team to be review the problems. It is a very good effort from HTC, for them their customer is very important and after sales support also very sustainable. Hope some telco provider in Malaysia did the same things not after few complaint and shouting to them.

UiTM Sarawak Convocation October 2011

I forgot to snap pictures during the convocation luckily my colleague did took few picture. But anyway, happy convocation to the student of UiTM Sarawak and hope you will have a bright future, use the knowledge properly and wise. Here the picture that I "borrow" from her Facebook, the lectures of Faculty of Information Management UiTM Sarawak.

Lectures Faculty of Information Management UiTM Sarawak

Basic Teaching and Learning Course – Last Day

Today were the last day of Basic Teaching and Learning Course or "Kursus Asas Pengajaran" (KAP). The last task for the last day or course is micro teaching where the lecture/teacher have to do simulation like just like in class about 7 minute any topic in the subject. I choose Electronic Publishing as that subject might be easy and interesting for the students (in here means the lectures) to learn. Theory is quite difficult when combining with arts for student have zero knowledge about the subject matter. If the student see and critics during the process of learning that can be much better