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Do and Dont in Facebook – Part 1






Facebook have been a latest trend and almost everyone have it and some addicted to them . Some people assume if you don't have, you better get one or you no social life (lame). So you want to become part of them, you must follow the trend of the urban lifestyle even the “makcik” and “pakcik” in kampung already have the Facebook. The first step of course you must register the Facebook account by visiting https://www.facebook.com and please make sure you type the right link or else you might give your personal information to potential “friend” that might used the information against you in future. After that you complete the process, then you can continue with the social networking or Facebook.


Before you start enjoying or make you life miserable the the effect of Facebook bear in mind, you must have the *DO's and DONT's:



  1. Enjoy the advantages of using the new era social networking of the GREAT Facebook.

  2. Set the status in setting , share with friend only not to public.

  3. Accept people that you REALLY KNOW, not just accept every friend request.

  4. Set your picture as in your profile (please use your own picture not others).

  5. Ask for permission if you want to share your friends status or picture.

  6. Know the Netiquette (Internet Etiquette).

  7. Find your friend, it might be sharing the same interest.

  8. Make used of it in positive ways.

  9. Beware of the Stalker.



Picture source : http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs51/i/2009/313/5/8/Facebook_addiction_by_gladiator656.jpg

Owner : gladiator656 ,  http://gladiator656.deviantart.com/art/Facebook-addiction-143022266



  1. Never reveal/ fill all the sensitive information in your Facebook profile.

  2. Put flame/ sentiment statement in your status.

  3. Tagging people that not in the picture, this will spam their wall.

  4. Promote you business in your friend wall without their consent.

  5. Give your personal information to your Friend List especially your credit card number and the security code. You might ending with payment for item that didn't purchase.

  6. Over share your status (what happen in toilet stay in toilet).

  7. Use Facebook using working hour (except your boss give the permission or you work with Facebook Inc).

  8. Share sensitive or classified information or else you might get fired or jailed.


Picture source: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs22/f/2007/322/6/d/Jet__s_a_FACEBOOK_stalker_by_SindeeDee.jpg

Owner: sindeedee http://sindeedee.deviantart.com/art/Jet-s-a-FACEBOOK-stalker-70140291



Facebook even though it has positive impact to our life but please BE CARE CAREFUL of the destructive impact. A lot of cases for example, people lost their jobs, killed them self because of the cyber bullying, divorce, pornographic picture and more. So please be careful in what you are/was sharing with others.


*for more the DOs and DONTs, will be updated ni next post, so BEWARE!!!. 🙂