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Installing Windows 10

Ok, I'm giving Windows 10 a second chance because when I install in my old laptop Asus UL50VT a lot of problem occur. Some of the problem were the Nvidia Gforce G210M not supported and bound the laptop to use the intel video hardware, too lack and made my laptop very very…… slow. So back then, I revert back to Windows 7 (Fresh Installation, because I deleted the previous installation after upgrade to Windows 10).


Now, I tried installing in Windows 10 at my wife old laptop Asus A43s using the license for Windows 7 and yes, fresh installation without need to install Windows 7 first. For now, the situtation still under control and waiting the system updating. So, we'll see later the next action after while using it.

windos 10


PC Fair 2009

I just when to PC Fair at KLCC and get what lot of people over there including gorgeous and sexy girl from the booth. Luckily my girl wasn’t there with me if not I will kene cubit, hehehe (I love u, syg don’t worry)… The purpose going there is to buy my laptop and get what I want Asus UL50VT with the price Rm3199. Here the spec:

-Centrino 1.3 SU 7300
-4GB DDR3 Ram
-500Gb HDD
-Nvidia Geforce G102M 512MB DDR3
-Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

if you pay extra Rm1 you will get:
-Notebook Lock
-Cooler Pad
-Mini Speaker
-LED Screen Cleaner

but to buy the laptop I face couple of problems like my Maybank Debit Card problem where can’t use at the counter and I have to find ATM at KLCC shopping complex to withdraw the money. For you info, I go around at the shopping complex for 15 minute still can’t find the ATM and lastly I asked the customer service counter the for the location. Again I have to went back at the convention center to buy the laptop and have to face the telco promoter which I hate very much because they keep pushing me to but their product. Now I just charge my laptop and tonight I will benchmark my new syg.

Going to Low Yat

Yesterday I  went to Low Yat with my Rose (my girl) to survey for HP and Asus Laptop. She follows me because want to accompany me, and that’s why I love her so much. Back to the main topic, I’m looking for these two brand because I trust their authority and product. Asus laptop have quite reasonable price for very high specification and HP very cool design. After a while, I found the laptop I want to buy in December  at PC Fair which Asus UL50VT or Asus UL80VT. These two model meets the requirement I need which have 8 cells battery, fast processor, 2GB DDr3 memory, dedicated memory for graphic (Nvidia)  and other specification.

Then we went to Berjaya Times Square just looking around to kill the time. After a while we went back to Serdang but stop at Sg Besi for Bihun Sup, among our favorite dish, yum-yum…slurp…. Last 2 week, she bring me to that place and now I found a place that serve best Bihun Sup. By the way, both of us enjoy eating so ..heheheheh..