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UiTM Sarawak Convocation October 2011

I forgot to snap pictures during the convocation luckily my colleague did took few picture. But anyway, happy convocation to the student of UiTM Sarawak and hope you will have a bright future, use the knowledge properly and wise. Here the picture that I "borrow" from her Facebook, the lectures of Faculty of Information Management UiTM Sarawak.

Lectures Faculty of Information Management UiTM Sarawak

Monday – 24 October 2011

Today will be a nice day to begin to write essay on motivation but the mood to write still not available. But I want to complete by this week so next week can focus on the interview. Also today will be the first day of convocation in UiTM Sarawak and this evening will be my faculty session. Maybe I can snap a few picture during the convocation.


My Convocation in UiTM

On 1st Jun 2009 is my Convocation for My Bachelor Degree which BSc in Information Studies (Information System Management). After 2 long years studying in UiTM Shah Alam (Puncak Perdana), finally I got my Bachelor Degree. My mother, brother and my niece (Faris) came to my convocation.