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Love u

love!!! how can such a tiny word mean u mean more to me than i do to myself, that you come first, that your pain is mine as wit your tears and your joy, that i want your dreams to come true, how can such a tiny word mean i would die to protect you and nevr want to see you cry or be unhappy how can it mean that just holding you makes me happy and puts a smile on my face and you laying in my arms after making love is magical and i never want to let go or for it to end how can it mean i want to share the world with you you holding onto me tightly as we explore the magical places on this planet how can it mean i want to spend a life time with you grow old holding you as we walk into our golden years  and be buried with you for eternity how can it mean that no matter how much we argue we can still be together forever how can you just saying i love you timmy make me feel like the most special person in the world funny little word love when used properly

source : http://profiles.lovingyou.com/library/poemview.php?pid=6971