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Debating Competition in My Faculty

Yesterday I got medical leave after have minor operation to remove my teeth. Suddenly got a call from Hajar asking me to be judge for the debating in my faculty which Faculty of Information Management. Its’ okay for me, because I got free time even thought have lots of works to do.  Before that, I was in Mines in Seri Kembangan watching District 9 with Ros as to celebrate her convocation today in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). After that rushing back to Puncak Perdana in raining by motorcycle, luckily the rains stop after a while. Arrive around 8.15 PM in my faculty and straight to the library for the briefing for the judge. For the 1st round, one of the team disqualification so the other team won. 2nd round is team from IS221(my program during my first degree)  vs IS220 . The mood of the match quite boring because no excitement but hey  what to expect for beginner like them. Among of the debater are my previous team member for English Team  in UiTM Machang. I have recognize some of them even have been long time. After 1 long hour, the result is 1s220 won with majority 3-0, what a shave to me, my previous first degree program lost. But I respect them because they brave enough to join even have no experience with Malaysia Parliament style debating.