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CMS Workshop 2012

I just end my 1st session CMS workshop for IM110 students from Faculty of Information Management UiTM Kota Samarahan. For today, I will teach the student how to setup Joomla using WAMP server and some simple configuration to customize the CMS. Hopefully the students will use the knowledge given in the future.


End of This Semester – Jun 2011

At last, the end of this semester (June-October 2011). I've completed uploading my students marks into the system last week. So this week my focus on exploring few Content Management System (CMS) and their module. As now a lot of CMS out there in the market/internet that can be used & tested. My passion is on WordPress, Drupal & Joomla. Joomla is among the famous and widely used by the user & enterprise for website and the extension or also know as Joomla! Extension Directory (JED) have lot of module and plugin that can be used. I've used joomla 1.5 before this and never test or used the new version 1.7. So why waiting, downloads and test the CMS.

Joomla Training For IS221

Today I helping my friend for the joomla training for student in my faculty also my former lecture Ms Linda join helping the training. The students are from IS 221 (Information System Management) part 6 and the purpose of the training to expose them to Content Management System (CMS) so they can use for their future use. Thus will help the in developing for instance a system or website for personal use or business purposes. Hope this effort can bring them a new perspective on the CMS.

A week of nothing

This week I ‘ve couple things to do but can’t be done because of my health. Doctor advise to get more rest and relax but lots of work to be done. My mobo blown out after 5 long year of service since my diploma. Data recovery need to be done to save my important document, files, pictures, assignment, project and others. Also my classes that have in weekday that starting at 6.30 PM also plus the classes that I have to tutor need to put back in my schedule. On 28 February, my colleague and I have handle Joomla workshop organize by my faculty. Now every thing need to be organized so I wouldn’t be chaotic end of the semester.