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Basic Teaching and Learning Course – Last Day

Today were the last day of Basic Teaching and Learning Course or "Kursus Asas Pengajaran" (KAP). The last task for the last day or course is micro teaching where the lecture/teacher have to do simulation like just like in class about 7 minute any topic in the subject. I choose Electronic Publishing as that subject might be easy and interesting for the students (in here means the lectures) to learn. Theory is quite difficult when combining with arts for student have zero knowledge about the subject matter. If the student see and critics during the process of learning that can be much better

First Run October 2011

This morning was the first run meeting for the final examination result. A lot of discussion among the lectures about the performance of the students and their result. Sorry can't details up about the matter until the result are officially release in November 2011. Tomorrow I will attend the Basic Teaching and Learning Course for five days, hopefully I can survive, I can survive!!! 🙂

OBE Report, Done!!

Yes, finally I have completed the OBE (Outcome-based Education) report. Spend almost two days key-in the data into the Microsoft Excel. Then I was inform by my colleague there were problem with the formula in the Excel so I spend one whole morning adjusting the formula. At last, completed report for my class IMD152 and three clasess for IMD205 and now can rest and prepare the mind for the "Kursus Asas Pengajaran" (KAP) / Basic Teaching and Learning Course. Based on the schedule the course started on 18 October until 22 October 2011, 8.30 am to 10.15 pm, it might be the very long course that I've joined.