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KIK Project Development

Right now i'm stuck with the database design with a lot of question in my mind. How many table, the attribute, the primary key, index, relationship etc much be considered when designing the database. And the main key right now, it's been  a while for me didn't touch the mysql and the sql command. Need to refresh back the old memory and skills.

Blogging via WordPress.com

I just know that I can post into my personal blog (http://blog.mustajir.org) via wordpress.com website. This post written at wordpress.com and publish from there into my personal blog.

[edited: because of limited function, I’ve to edited back this post via my on blog]


Wordpress logo

image source: http://s.wordpress.org/about/images/logos/wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb.png

Plymouth Problem

I've issue with my Fedora 19 stuck at the loading script where the last line were "reached target Graphical Interface" and this made me stumble for a while. The problem based on my searching because of the issues with Playmouth. Based on the  Fedora Bug (967521) I found on the bugzilla. The fix very easy by just move files as bellow in terminal:

#mv /var/log/journal /var/log/journal.org

and yes, it's solve my problem. That the best thing about open source software,


Open source anti-theft solution for your laptop, phone and tablet – Prey

I just installed software for anti-theft called Prey which licensed under GNU General Public License version 3 so user can use the software and the source code included for modification if needed or just want to check the source code. I've installed for my laptop and my phone, testing have been made to test the function and for now quite reasonable to recommended to use. My friend in UiTM Segamat informs me that one of the student got back the laptop by using Prey. Nice Job Prey.

In their blog have some of the user testimonies.


Want to download here the link: http://preyproject.com/


The image taken from: http://preyproject.com/blog/cat/recoveries

Gnome Malay Reviewer

Alhamdulilah, yesterday I've been promoted as reviewer for Malay translation project Gnome. Malay's team coordinator, Mr Umarzuki Bin Mochlis Moktar promoted me from translator to reviewer for the translation project. Hopefully, after this I can contribute more for the open source community.

This is my profile page for the Gnome : http://l10n.gnome.org/users/sir_ade