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Moving To Resak Apartment

On 25 December 2009, I’ve move from sekyen 7 Shah Alam to Resak Apartment in Puncak Perdana. So after this no more need to rush because last minute call having class or class being cancel without any information. The most important thing is  near to my faculty.  I’ ll upload few picture of my new place during the cleaning process.

Tenaga Pengajar Muda (TPM) Agreement

Today quite a busy day for me, in the morning have class with Dato RAY then in the evening rushing to complete my TPM form. After Dato RAY class, when to library to help my friend in filling the form and get signature from the officer and same time send my copy of my offer to the faculty office. Thanks to En. Rahman always be there when needed to get to sign the certificate copy. Around 3 pm, I rush to the post office in Shah Alam to buy “Setem Hasil” for agreement. Then rush to Plaza Perangsang to LHDN to get my agreement approve. Luckily still have time to send my agreement to UiTM Human Resource Department. Then wait for the financial form printed by the staff, while waiting for my friend, Asyraf rushing from UiTM Puncak Perdana and Hospital to send the form. I help him with the stamping and so he can send the form and agreement today. All process completed and wait for the memo, maybe in 3 weeks. After that I hope I can get  my allowances from UiTM and the Government of Malaysia