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Blogging via WordPress.com

I just know that I can post into my personal blog (http://blog.mustajir.org) via wordpress.com website. This post written at wordpress.com and publish from there into my personal blog.

[edited: because of limited function, I’ve to edited back this post via my on blog]


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End of This Semester – Jun 2011

At last, the end of this semester (June-October 2011). I've completed uploading my students marks into the system last week. So this week my focus on exploring few Content Management System (CMS) and their module. As now a lot of CMS out there in the market/internet that can be used & tested. My passion is on WordPress, Drupal & Joomla. Joomla is among the famous and widely used by the user & enterprise for website and the extension or also know as Joomla! Extension Directory (JED) have lot of module and plugin that can be used. I've used joomla 1.5 before this and never test or used the new version 1.7. So why waiting, downloads and test the CMS.